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Beyond the domed settlements of Ganymede lies The Frost. Inhabited by separitists, gangs, and dissidents, The Frost is a dangerous and lawless place. And there are the raptors.

As deadly as these frozen wilds might be, they still must be traversed. Magnetically accelerated delivery pods called Bullets regularly land wide of their targets and in this zone. BacFarms which maintain the thin atmosphere need to be kept online. Vast Dust Mills, largely abandoned, need to be cleared of whatever gangs are using them for shelter.

This is the job of the Ganymede Outriders: to fix, retrieve, solve, deliver, transport, and defend…

What is Ganymede Outriders?

Ganymede Outriders is a big game in a little package. The game uses a custom designed system built for thematic and quick play; putting the emphasis on fun and high action.

Ganymede Outriders includes a full RPG system, and is ideal for both one-shots and campaign play. It is designed to be played with 2 to 5 players and a GM.

Ganymede Outriders will be published as a 40 page A6 zine.

Ganymede Outriders features:

  • A full RPG system, including a player/GM economy called Drift, which powers story driven game play.
  • Character creation.
  • An experience and development system.
  • Vehicle rules.
  • Rules for creating vehicles, and developing them through play like another character in the party.
  • Adversaries.
  • Vehicle stats.
  • Character gear.
  • Background on Ganymede, and on the Outriders.
  • A micro-game about traversing Ganymede.
  • Character and vehicle sheets.
  • A story, told in comic form, with art by Juan Ochoa.
  • Cover art by Ivona Denovic.

You can find all the character sheets and other goodies on our Downloads page here.


Included with Ganymede Outriders is:

Ganymede Outriders

The core rules are a 40 page A6 sized book, including background on Ganymede, and all the rules required to play.

A Call for Help

A 24 page A6 sized PDF adventure, with interior art and map by yours truly, and additional rules on racing.

Let the Cards Fall

A 40 page A6 sized PDF, with additional information on the setting of Ganymede Outriders, and 14 adventure outlines inspired by the weird and wonderful imaginations of our Commander level Backers.

Example of Play

Is… well it’s exactly what it says in the title!

The Drift System

A PDF document perfect to send to players, or to use a reference when creating your own spin off material/games. It includes all the rules for the Drift System used in Ganymede Outriders, as well as some additional commentary on why the rules exist, or how they might be modified.


The two page character sheet and single page vehicle sheet for Ganymede Outriders.


Third Party License

Did you know you can create your own hacks, adventures, settings, or other creative content for free or for sale without Caradoc Games taking a cent? Ganymede Outriders is available under the Caradoc Games Third Party License! Check out the terms of the license here.

This is a PDF copy of Ganymede Outriders.


A table top role playing game of buggies, mayhem, and peril! Ganymede Outriders is a big game in a small package!


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