With Every Fibre

With Every Fibre is coming soon!

With Every Fibre is a rules-light fantasy adventure game. Between the covers of this little A6 book you’ll find the rules of play, spells to cast, weapon traits you can unlock for special powers, adversaries to face down, tables to roll on and more.

Explore, adventure, and encounter dangers untold within the bustling and dangerous city of Fasthold itself, facing down thieves and cutthroats, or surviving the machinations of power hungry nobles.

In the caves, mines and places deeper below Fasthold and its surrounds, fighting off the Nox or rescuing their prisoners. Exploring the Underneath, finding treasures or uncovering the true nature of the dangers that stir there after an age asleep.

Or in the wild and strange lands beyond the city walls, where tilled field and farm house nestle close to the shadow that Fasthold casts, but further afield is an unknown world full of peril…

You can find all the character sheets and other goodies on our Downloads page here.

Third Party License

Did you know you can create your own hacks, adventures, settings, or other creative content for free or for sale without Caradoc Games taking a cent? With Every Fibre is available under the Caradoc Games Third Party License! Check out the terms of the license here.