Caradoc Games

Caradoc Games makes small press role-playing games with an emphasis on story. Sometimes silly, sometimes serious, sometimes fantasy, sometimes science fiction, and sometimes something completely different.

Caradoc Games aims to create a mix of small projects designed to be fun and engaging, and larger projects designed to bring a narrative experience to the fore.

You can find our releases on DriveThruRPG, and on Itch.io.



My name is Giles Pritchard, ‘caradoc’ around the web.

I’m a husband, father, teacher and writer.  I love board games, miniatures games, role playing, reading, writing, science, history, astronomy, and generally enjoying life.

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This blog site is me writing about games and writing about writing. I have written on and off in a semi-professional capacity for a number of years. I wrote the old newsletter for the board game publisher Z-Man Games. I worked with Spartan Games on a range of their miniature game lines. I have freelanced with Modiphius, writing background material and adventure modules for the Infinity and Star Trek game lines. I have freelanced for Red Scar and Cubicle 7, on Devil’s Run and the One Ring respectively. I also write fiction.

This blog is a way for me to write a little about my games and my writing. A place to things I feel I have accomplished, things I have found challenging, things I have learned and the places I have learned them. No doubt I’ll write some posts about my work in the games industry. This blog is also here to serve a purpose; as a place for me to reflect, evaluate and push myself. I hope if you’re reading here you find something useful, if you ever have any questions, please feel free to ask them!

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You can find me on Twitter as @caradocp

If you’re interested in the freelance work I have done, check out the Freelance page here. If you’re interested in contacting me in regards to freelance work, you can email me here.