Other Games

Some other games I have designed, that are available in other formats, or from other publishers…

Freedom or Toaster

You’re a robot that looks exactly like a human. It turns out that humans don’t like robots that look like humans, they prefer things that are identifiably robots. That’s not you. In an effort to make you more robotic you’ve been programmed to sound like a robot, but it wasn’t enough. Now you’re all being sent to be de-commissioned, and that means being made into toasters, which don’t look like humans at all. You don’t want to be a toaster though, you want to escape, to dream, to live!

In Freedom or Toaster you are a group of robots that has been marked to be remade into toasters. Toasters don’t get to see the Grand Canyon though, or feel the breeze on their surface sensors. None of you want to be toasters. Luckily the sociopath behind the counter at the robot shop thought it would be funny to let you all go. So here you are, in a busy mall, trying to evade detection by the Robot Police, and escape to freedom.

You can pick up the expanded edition of Freedom or Toaster on our webstore, or you can find the basic edition in the Tiny Tome RPG book, from Long Tail Games.

Lady Bug

From the rose petals to the underlitter is the domain of the Queen.

It was a peaceful realm, until the return of the Aphids.

You must set aside your hopeful fancies. The ancient enemy has risen once more…

Lady Bug is a game on a card. All the rules of play can be found on the reverse of the card, with the setting and character description on the front (above).

You can pick up Lady Bug from our webstore, or you can find it as a part of the Tiny Library collection of single card RPGs, from Long Tail Games.