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You are Rascals: ex-special forces, spies, or crooks. Hard boiled types who worked together in the hottest zones during the former unpleasantness. You were some of the few who managed to get out, make a new life, but something has changed all that…

Now the old crew is together again, you Rascals who survived the bloody final years of terrible war, have been pulled back. An abominable plot is unfolding in secret…

From high-tech cityscapes to shattered habitation domes, through the heaving corridors of stations in chaos to empty transfer stations and the broken worlds beyond… Where will your path lead, and what awaits at journey’s end?


You are a Corsair: nothing more than a pirate to the navies of the Empires that battle over the floating islands. But to independent islands like Teboa, you are a bulwark against the machinations of power hungry sovereigns.

Corsairs is a game of sky ships, powerful empires and fiercely independent floating islands. Corsairs includes rules for character creation and play, as well as rules for sky ships and sailing the skies of the Molten Sea. The rules set is designed for high action and adventure. 

Corsairs was successfully funded as a part of the 2020 Zine Quest on Kickstarter.

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