These little gems are micro-games, laid out as tri-fold brochures they focus on fun and funny themes and light rules.

Brigands of Sherwood

It used to be that a person could make a handy living robbing passers-by in Sherwood forest, but since Robin and his Merry band of fools turned their hand to it, everyone expects a good old dose of ‘giving to the poor’. It’s hard to make a living when every starving beggar has their hand out!

In Brigands of Sherwood the players are criminals trying to end their adventure with as much loot as possible. The characters are simple dishonest thieves trying to steal enough loot to retire. Will they be able to fill their loot tracks? Or will the presence of Robin Hood mean they have to give it all away?

The rules are simple, and players have the chance to take a shot, by flicking a disc or die, to gain a bonus to their skill tests. This expanded edition includes some extra rules and an alternative character sheet, as well as a short adventure sketch.

Brigands of Sherwood has been updated to include a brochure layout version of the game. It doesn’t change anything, but looks nicer. 

Lost in Beyonder

You leave behind Alandria, fairest of cities; your home. From shining spires to lush gardens, Alandria is a place of acceptance, love, and prosperity.

Stepping nervously into the woven basket and letting the winds of fate take you to Beyonder is not easy, but those same winds will bring you back, rest assured.

Lost in Beyonder is a solo-journaling game. It is a game about looking at our world through different eyes. Alandria is another place, and you, traveller, are a being from that other place visiting what they call Beyonder; a place, reader, that is our own world.

The journey there may be filled with trepidation, or it may be boiling with excitement. The traveler will witness a series of events before returning home. What will they see? What will they feel? The cards are there to guide the story, but it is you, reader, who will add flesh, movement, and emotion to the journey.

To play you need something to write with, something to write on, and a deck of playing cards.

The Hoppy Pops

You are a Hoppy Pop, a character from one of those surreally weird kid’s shows. You know the ones: Tele Tubbies, Yo Gabba Gabba, In the Night Garden, that sort of thing… 

In Episode 9 the producers made you do a strange happy dance, and it opened a gateway to Hell. You need to get home, but all the demons and imps in the Gatehouse are trying to get you, and in those outfits, who can blame them.

The Gatehouse is a hellish tower and the Hoppy Pops have been summoned to the highest level; in order to get back to their own dimension, they must find the correct exit on the ground floor.

Each Hoppy Pop has a one-use special power, whether the power of dance, story, yoga, or song, and these can have a profound effect on helping you to escape! Each Hoppy Pop is also limited by permanent impediment: maybe you jingle when you move, maybe you only speak in emotive noises, maybe you narrate every action you take, or maybe you speak only through a squeaky-voiced hand puppet!