Owlbear Omelette on the Gaming Table

Lexi, from the wonderful YouTube RPG review channel, The Gaming Table, just released a review of Owlbear Omelette! It’s always a pleasure to see your games played, reviewed, or commented on, and I was thrilled to see this!

I sent Lexi a few of my games, and had no expectation that she would review them, or if she did whether they would be positive or critical, so it was lovely to see this video.

As always, it’s important to say that all of the wonderful art in Owlbear Omelette was created by the very talented Juan Ochoa. I love working with Juan, and Owlbear Omelette was the third (I think) thing I had worked with him on. For anyone curious, the others are Rascals, The Tales of Ulos graphic novel for Guf Studios and Thunderworks Games, and after Owlbear Omelette came Prisoners of the Elf King, and Ganymede Outriders…

Anyway – check out the review of Owlbear Omelette from The Gaming Table, and if it inspires you to look for a copy of the game, you can get it below, or from Exalted Funeral, Indie Press Revolution, and other online game stores. You can also find digital copies on itch and DriveThruRPG.

Looking Forward to the rest of 2024…

Ganymede Outriders have been fulfilled! All digital files and physical copies have been sent out – and I’ve even seen some photos of them in the wild! If you backed, and have your copy – I’d love to see it – post a photo in our Discord channel, or hit me up on socials!

If you didn’t back Ganymede Outriders, and are keen to see what it’s all about, you can find it on Itch here, and on DriveThruRPG here. Physical copies are available from the Caradoc Games webstore, and will soon be available from Exalted Funeral and Indie Press Revolution!

So what else is coming from Caradoc Games in 2024?

With Every Fibre is the next game coming from Caradoc Games. A rules light OSR style fantasy game, With Every Fibre uses 1D10 for skill tests, and a range of dice types for damage. The game is designed for quick test resolutions, and has some fun rules, including traits characters can learn and unlock – which allow them to use special abilities with different weapons – like using a great sword to attack multiple opponents, or a great axe to re-roll damage dice.

I’ve had a lot of fun playtesting this game, and already have a number of adventures underway, or already ready to release (with the game of course). Trouble at the Farmstead and Behind the Wall include a full adventure with art and maps, as well as additional rules, while The Old Sounding Tower is a cross fold adventure with a map, perfect for a one shot, or for a couple of short sessions in between longer games.

I’m thrilled with how With Every Fibre is coming together, and have had a lot of fun playtesting it over the last few months. Keep an eye open for With Every Fibre hitting Kickstarter in late July or early August!