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In the drowned forest sits the ruins of the City. Before the hunger of our forebears poisoned the world we called it home. For generations it was a source of salvage. But maybe, just maybe, it holds the clues we need to fix this broken world…

Foundlings is a post-apocalyptic fantasy game about anthropomorphic survivors living on the edge of the ruins of their once great civilisation. It is about learning from the past in order to find some hope for the future. Foundlings uses a D10 based dice system, in which players roll all the dice. Results are not binary success and failure: a Foundling may succeed with an Edge, or with a Hitch…

Foundlings are the survivors who have managed to eke out a living on the fringes of the polluted forest their forebears once called home. Foundlings live in a diaspora, and come in all shapes and sizes. The settlements to which they belong are as equally varied; some are ruthless survivalists, but most seek to live considerate lives. The chaos that followed the breaking of the Stone  lasted generations. The ruins of their ancestral home, the city, played an essential role in their survival: as they scavenged what they could despite the dangers. Repairing, remaking, and modifying the broken things into useful items helped them stave off disaster.  Only now that the Foundlings have managed to scrape together a patchwork of settlements and villages, have some started to look to the home of their forebears for more than salvage, and wonder if something can be done to heal the wound.

Foundlings is a complete game, including rules for creating a settlement and characters, the general rules of play, enchantments, combat, rules for salvage, repairs, and making things, and even an adventure outline to get you going straight away!

You can find the Foundlings Kickstarter page here.

Rascals is a science fiction table top role playing game of action and adventure. The game system uses traditional playing cards and poker chips, and is designed to bring the tension, twists of fortune, and calculated gambles of action adventure stories to the fore. Rascals is ideal for 2-5 players, including the GM.

You are Rascals: ex-special forces, spies, or crooks. Hard boiled types who worked together in the hottest zones during the former unpleasantness. You were some of the few who managed to get out, make a new life, but something has changed all that…

Now the old crew is together again, you Rascals who survived the bloody final years of terrible war, have been pulled back. An abominable plot is unfolding in secret… 

From high-tech cityscapes to shattered habitation domes, through the heaving corridors of stations in chaos to empty transfer stations and the broken worlds beyond… Where will your path lead, and what awaits at journey’s end?

Rascals includes all the rules required to play, from character creation to general rules, as well as rules for space ships and vehicles. It even includes a problem generator to get you into the game straight away…

You can find a free DLC to play Rascals online through TableTop Simulator here (you still need a copy of TableTop Simulator). This DLC includes all the cards, chips, editable character sheets, and other game sheets you might need to play Rascals online.

Operation: Bramble is an adventure module for the Rascals role playing game. It includes a player handout outlying the mission objectives and perceived threats, as well as a sections for the House (GM), detailing three possible adversary groups the players could encounter.

Each adversary group is described, alongside their objectives, and how they plan to execute the operation. Each adversary presents a different style of threat, which allows flexibility in how the adventure unfolds, depending on what sort of game a play group wants.

You are a Corsair: nothing more than a pirate to the navies of the Empires that battle over the floating islands. But to independent islands like Teboa, you are a bulwark against the machinations of power hungry sovereigns.

Corsairs is a game of sky ships, powerful empires and fiercely independent floating islands. Corsairs includes rules for character creation and play, as well as rules for sky ships and sailing the skies of the Molten Sea. The rules set is designed for high action and adventure. 

Corsairs includes all the rules of play, a character sheet, a ship sheet, and reference sheets.

Corsairs is a 32 page RPG in the great tradition of Zines. Created and released as a part of the ZineQuest 2020.

There are still some physical copies of Corsairs left, you can find them here:

For those who love the art in Corsairs as much as I do, the artist is Felicity Haworth, and you can find her work here.

Smoke and Oakum is the first supplement for the Corsairs RPG; and delves into the world of Sky Ships and sailing the skies of the Molten Seas.

In it you will be able to find rules and guidelines covering:

  • The effects of fair weather or challenging winds.
  • Guidelines on ‘levels’, providing guidance for ships sailing in the High Above, or down to the Deep Below.
  • Rules for encounters with storms, shoals, and more of the dangers that can foul a sky ship.
  • Guidelines for running a crew or factions within a crew on board a ship.
  • 6 new Conditions that can have a serious impact on a ship and it’s crew.
  • Rules for chases which expand on the recommendations in the core rules, and include bonuses and setbacks for starting a chase at a lower or higher level than the target ship.
  • A ship may gain a Reputation, or be upgraded, and there are a range of upgrade options from a Figurehead to larger cannons all of which can make a ship better, more fearsome, or more dangerous.
  • Two collections of stat blocks for enemies a Corsair Sky Ship might face off against, one titled ‘Sails Ho!’, and the other ‘Here There Be Dragons!’

Sitting at 32 pages from front cover to back cover Smoke and Oakum is almost as big as the core rules.

Of course, Smoke and Oakum also includes more of Felicity Haworth’s wonderful art!

Also included is a new and updated Ship Sheet, including room for marking a ship’s Point of Sail, details on the Crew, and other sections to accommodate the added rules in Smoke and Oakum. There is a page of Condition Cards, which may be printed and cut out to help track the conditions player characters or a ship might be suffering from at any given time. As well as a faction sheet, for play groups who want to delve into the murky waters of a conflicted crew.

Smoke and Oakum is a supplement that adds new material geared toward making your play experience as Corsairs sailing their infamous sky ships a more interesting, dramatic, and exciting experience!

For those who love the art in Corsairs as much as I do, the artist is Felicity Haworth, and you can find her work here.

Speed, Strength, and Wits is 32 pages of new material for the Corsairs RPG. This supplement expands on the rules for characters. Included in this supplement are rules and guidelines for:

  • Earning Fame and the effects it can have.
  • 6 new Conditions, from Inspired to Three Sheets to the Wind.
  • More upgrade options including 54 new Abilities characters can learn.
  • More nuanced rules for Relationships, from Allies to Enemies.
  • Options for Character Virtues and how they can be used.
  • Rules for that moment when a character dramatically sacrifices themselves.
  • Rules for creating and expanding a base of operations.
  • Two new Gear Qualities.
  • Guidelines for Trading.
  • Guidelines for different ways characters can be rewarded.
  • Guidelines for retiring a character.
  • 12 new Scoundrels, from Magistrates to Pick Pockets.

Speed, Strength, and Wits is almost as big as the core rules, and of course, includes more original artwork from the wonderful Felicity Haworth.

Also included in Speed, Strength, and Wits is an updated Character Sheet, a page of Condition cards that may be printed out for easy reference during play, and a Refuge Sheet for characters who want to build their own base of operations.

Speed, Strength, and Wits is a supplement designed to add depth and bring new life to the characters as they undertake their grand adventures in the skies of the Molten Seas!

For those who love the art in Corsairs as much as I do, the artist is Felicity Haworth, and you can find her work here.

Lost in Beyonder is a solo-journaling game. It is a game about looking at our world through different eyes. 

Owlbear Omelette: the quest for the greatest omelette ever tasted!

How would you fare, as a sneaky Goblin sneak sneaking into the Goblin King’s dungeon?

The goal?

To filch an Owlbear egg for omelette making purposes!


It could be the moonshine, it could have be the endless pasty gruel, it could be a sense of pressing social inequality that comes from not being a Goblin King chowing down on Owlbear Omelettes every other morning!

Whatever the reason, here you are, the only way forward is forward! And the only thing left to do is get an Owlbear egg! Oh! And get out alive! Garrr!

Freedom or Toaster is a one-page RPG in which you are robots trying to avoid detection by the Robot Police, and escape a busy mall to freedom!

Brigands of Sherwood is a Micro-RPG in which you are trying to filch as much loot as possible before Robin Hood makes you give it all away!

The Hoppy Pops is a Micro-RPG in which you are a Hoppy Pop, a character from one of those weird kid’s shows. In Episode 9 you did a happy dance, and it opened a gateway to Hell. Now you need to get home!