ZineQuest – Ruminations…

Prior to launching Corsairs as a part of the ZineQuest, I went through a fair amount of planning and preparation for the Kickstarter, quite apart from the job of writing and testing Corsairs. I tried to catalog some of my thoughts and processes in a series of articles here, all of which can be found by going to the ZineQuest page, here.

I plan on writing a series of articles here over the coming weeks that run through the processes and choices I made during the Corsairs Kickstarter, and some of things I think I have learned along the way. I will add links to these to my ZineQuest page, and hope that someone considering running their first Kickstarter, or entering next years ZineQuest (I hope there is one) will find them useful in some capacity.

So to that end, if you have any questions about running a Kickstarter, about the Corsairs campaign, about ZineQuest, or anything connected to those, I’m here for them! While I have a list of topics I want to cover, I also want to try and make this a useful resource, and there is every chance (in fact a certainty) that there are things that should be on my list, and that I have overlooked. So ask away!

You can add any questions you have to the comments here, find and ask me on Twitter @caradocp or @CaradocGames, or email me at caradocgames -@- gmail.com.

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Husband, Father, Teacher. I love games, writing, reading, history, science, and looking up at the night sky...

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