It’s been a while…

Wow, I had originally intended to maintain this blog by adding something here weekly. I really let that goal slip in a big way this last two months. I haven’t posted anything since the beginning of April, but I haven’t been idle.

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Over the last two months I have finished off three pieces for the Infinity RPG totaling around 27,000 words. It’s also been awesome seeing some of the pieces I submitted a while ago making it into layout, getting artwork, maps, and all the other things that make an RPG product look great. It’s a good reminder that while you toil away plugging at the keys in front of you, pulling a project together requires a whole team of people working away to produce something great. I have been very lucky to work with a fantastic group of people at Modiphius.

Due somewhere around the start of July I have a piece of about 24,000 words due. It’s been a little mind-bending, trying to wrap my head around the early stages of the first adventure, tweaking details here and there. This is because this adventure ties neatly to an existing story within the Infinity setting, but I am excited to get rolling. Writing background material is great fun, writing an adventure is more involved. Getting all the mechanical things tuned correctly is one thing, making sure we also have all the maps and resources a GM needs to run the thing is another. Both of these aspects makes writing an adventure more work than developing and writing out pure background. In some senses, once the details are hammered out an adventure seems to get written more quickly, and background material feels a little slower to get onto paper. This might be due to the fact that setting material needs to be checked and rechecked, and often requires significant research, as well as creative ideas that fit within the established oeuvre, while adventures less so, but it could also be perception bias, and not be the case at all!

One of the things I have rather enjoyed is seeing the adventures I have worked on as a finished product. Every aspect ties back to the story you have developed and written (or helped with), from the art, to the maps, and so on.  Adventures in the Human Sphere contains two adventures I worked on, and scrolling through the finished PDF, with all the pieces in place, from words to art, is rather pleasing. Fingers crossed that GMs and players out there have as much fun with the adventures as I did!

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  1. I feel you there, mate. My blog has been lying fallow as I try to churn out… actually some companion chapters to your writing, as it turns out. 🙂

    For me, I find that writing adventures sort of splits the difference between pure setting material, and rules bits (like character creation rules). I spend a lot of time running groups of characters through various bits: not always with a pure playtest group, as there’s a lot of logistics involved, but I have a little stable of characters I created, and have assigned some player instincts to them. GNS tendencies, Robin Laws’ player types, or just stuff I’ve seen at cons: that kind of thing.

    So I’ll write something that seems like a pretty tidy scenario, and then throw some of my imaginary players at it, try to get in that headspace, and see what I come up with. It’s no substitute for getting someone else’s eyes on an adventure, but I’ve found it incredibly useful for rapid prototyping.

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