Lost in Beyonder


You leave behind Alandria, fairest of cities; your home. From shining spires to lush gardens, Alandria is a place of acceptance, love, and prosperity.

Stepping nervously into the woven basket and letting the winds of fate take you to Beyonder is not easy, but those same winds will bring you back, rest assured.

Lost in Beyonder is a solo-journaling game. It is a game about looking at our world through different eyes. Alandria is another place, and you, traveller, are a being from that other place visiting what they call Beyonder; a place, reader, that is our own world.

The journey there may be filled with trepidation, or it may be boiling with excitement. The traveler will witness a series of events before returning home. What will they see? What will they feel? The cards are there to guide the story, but it is you, reader, who will add flesh, movement, and emotion to the journey.

To play you need something to write with, something to write on, and a deck of playing cards.


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